“cowboy hat number 5” by Tony Chapman.

Spark of Life song by Tony Chapman VERSE 1  …

(VERSE 2 coming soon)

when the road is broken and the path is bent
when words that were spoken didn’t say what they meant
when a rabbit is caught by an inocent eagle’s claw
the spark  of life is still there  to reach for

Maze Drawings by Tony Chapman

spontaneous writing on my very own blog: hurtles, backfiring, over the crescent of the yellow hill, dazzled by sunflowers and a myriad daisies and yellow tulips and multiple suns and I’ve been brain washed to thinking what I write and draw can never be quite good enough… what do you think?

Carmen, the Goddess of war.

Carmen, the Goddess of war, carrying a six shooter in each breast pocket, carries out silent, ear-splitting, exploitative experiments on the subway passengers, who, heads hidden behind pink Financial Times’ sheets, try desperatley to hide their shame and their granduer from the all-seeing eye of the ticket conductor, who tight-rope walks between the seats, from one end of the rattling, circus-tent train, to the other