“Rosewood” an artwork, a poem and a song by Tony Chapman.






“Dancers kissing” by Tony Chapman (oil on Canvas)


Andromeda’s Cave – poem by Tony Chapman.
Andromeda’s Cave

Unbearable sadness. 
25 years: GONE ... please God ...

I pleasantly wave:
from the ditch 
to the chandelier,
from the hemp sacks (empty and piled high), 
to the silk,
from the gloating, uninformed ones,
to the big turquoise bird.
and the tiny scarlet bird, 
(sharing the same tree).

I happily sit at the feet of giants 
and count my blessings 
and pour them into my tiny silk bag, 
and put it in my inside pocket for safe keeping.
I pleasantly turn in my sleep and dream 
of heavy curtains being drawn back
to reveal a morning sun.

" Hello, Sun," I say. 

"Greetings from Andromeda’s Cave," 
  the Sun answers.


“First Place” by Tony Chapman

First Place:  words and music by Tony Chapman

I'm gonna make me free, I'm gonna make me be 
What I wanted to be in the first place
I'm in the first place now

Everyone I teamed up with 
I thought would make things right
They must surely know the answer, 
help me see the light
But I stayed stuck at the beginning, 
now I’m on my feet and I'm singing

I'm gonna make me free, I'm gonna make me be 
What I wanted to be in the first place
I'm in the first place now

I tried out what the government said, 
I tried out television
I tried out what newspapers read, 
I let them cloud my vision
I tried to be a rebel without a cause, 
now I'm coming back,  through the front doors

Listen to your soul, she knows best
Someone said the mind will turn on you if its needs are not expressed


I listened to my parents, I listened to the teachers
I listened to my girlfriend, I listened to the preachers
A good Christian boy, I never sinned
Now I'm only going to listen to the wind

I'm gonna make me free, I'm gonna make me be 
What I wanted to be in the first place
I'm in the first place now
I'm in the first place now,  I'm in the first place now

“Amethyst” Picture, Poem and Song

Portrait (oil on canvas) by Tony Chapman

 Ireland Holiday. 
Poem by Tony Chapman - finished.
Ireland Holiday.
All good things
to an end.
barbed wire
rusty edges.
A happy time was had by all
all good things come to an end. 
Bare your teeth
bite the hand
that doles out good times
then takes them back.
the sunset:
into a black, lead-lined box.
Bury it out on the mud flats.
the grey stone hills
the curlew's call
the rock wall
the torn sky
the seabird‘s cry
the warm wind
the salt sea
the soft arm
the breath of life
the embrace
the laughter
that releases
dry leaves and flying bullets
into a black box
(lead-lined for preservation)
and bury it
far out ,
on the mud flats
so it won't be found
for a million years
wander back
to the concrete jungle:
twisting of limbs
paintscraper of skins
sandpaper of bones.
All good things
to an end.

Verse 4 of Love Has Caught Me …. verse 5 in next Blog

then I meet your eyes, and all the skies they no longer cave-in on me

and I touch your skin, you let me in and I’m living in exstacy


“Turquoise” Picture, Poem and Song

Picnic Poem 
by Tony Chapman. 

having a picnic 
high up, on a vertical wall

we sit horizontally, 
watching our hard-boiled eggs

"Whoops, there goes the jam, 
and the packets of chrisps" 

trying to drink orange juice,
but it pours out of the mug
in gravity's general direction.

having a picnic under the sea
the fish swim by and smile at me
then my salad floats away,
my raw food crackers too
and a friendly octopus
drinks my orange juice

having a picnic on the cold north pole
my orange juice is frozen solid
so I make a hole 

in the ice 

to fish through ... 

“LOVE HAS CAUGHT ME” by Tony Chapman VERSE 2 … (verse 3 in next blog)

2nd verse of “Love Has Caught Me”

I’m falling so fast, nothing will last,

I’m tipping right off the edge

I’m walking on air, then I despair

I’m slipping right off the ledge

Love has caught me

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