Cities, built on the side of mountains … cities under the sea.

I don’t want to write to a theme … its 6:00 am in the morning, I’m writing just for me.

I am a memory of my future self … weird … I’m creating a memory, right now.

The cliff where the so called “city” is … blah, blah, blah…

… cities in beehives – cities in Turkey with markets that sell beautiful carpets that are made by women weaving them on looms: great. flat bedded. square machines, in the shade of olive trees and fig trees …  dressed in their colourful clothes … robes …

and I, a traveller, passed them, me: free to wander for a while, wherever I wished in the world, they: stuck to their daiIy work and now I am stuck to MY daily routine,  all these years later: a joyous occupation, it is true: teaching, giving music and expression to child and adult alike…

…and now my words are flowing as birds greet the first subtle grey of morning light outside my window with their enthusiastic song and i keep losing my  galaxy note 9 smart phone  pen… keep forgetting to put it back into the phone.

End of my post on: cities.

Best, Tony.   🙂