Subject: Bridges.

Bridge of no return. Bridge over forever. Bridge on teeth. Bridge I walk over … rope ladder Bridge … Laurel and Hardy carrying an upright piano over a rope bridge .

What more is there to say about Bridges?

Years ago I was somewhere (longer story) and I met a professional boxer (fists etc.). who had discovered Transandental Meditation. Quite a character. We talked, I told him about my music and my band and he said

“If you ever need a band name here’s a great one: ‘BRIDGE’ … feel free to use it”.

What else about bridges? For some reason I always thought if I hadn’t been an artist/songwriter . .. I would have liked to be a bridge designer and builder. I don’t know where that came from.

What else? Scarborough spa bridge: uk. a terrifyingly high and narrow, long, bridge …more than a 100 (1830 I think?) years old. Iron. built in: I think it was : York and transported to Scarborough … but I maybe wrong on that. I wallked along it and was terrified! (not as much as I was going up the eiffell tower!!! )

Scarborough Bridge

End of my post on Bridges. 🙂 .

best, Tony

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