The Concrete girders span


the 2 concrete girders span the Atlantic Ocean … 2 hybrids are crossIng them on all fours flaming torches stuck in the back pockets of their paint-stained overalls.

” lts hard to balance today, Jack” shouts Jules.

” Yes, Jack, l find this hurricane force wind a little disconcerting’ ”

” Yes, Jules …  and, to be quite candid, I wish these concrete girders were a little wider. The width of a matchbox doesn’t leave much room for manoever … ”

” No, Jack … and this hurrican force wind buffets us relentlessly .. we have to be circus balancing acts to stay on these two extremly narrow girders! ”

” Yes, Jules, and crawling hundreds of miles to the other side without sustainance ,  shelter, or even a tea- break … well it gets me quite irritated…”  ”

“Me too, Jack … its all I can do to stay on this narrow girder… ” yelled Jules, above the crashing of waves and the  thundering of the gale…

The hurricane-force wind continued to irritate the two balancing, slowly inching their way forward, hybirds, dressed in their, by now, soaking wet overalls.

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