l am sympathetic


l am sympathetic . I am a Camera Obscura. I raise the bar each time you reach for an orange juice. l just have to create… if I don’t get time during the day because I am cycling around this flat, tilted city of Amsterdam where the canal boats promise  magic and the romantic,  fairy tale houses, tilted and ancient hide people in the hells of other people’s of nieghbor’s ciggarette smoke and noise, from above , below and from  all sides  …from house to house l cycle,  teaching people guitar and piano … and finding an obscure cafe to sit in, but not long enough to write a poem, only to do my admin, then l will lie in bed, all night and write on my galaxy note 2 miracle of a phablet ancient verse and plum the depths of my soul and create… because l have no choice… l have to . -. and this is what I just did. no sleep. BUT l created!!  x

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