it so Sad

lts so sad the way people come into my life and pass out of it – or should I say the way I come into people’s lives and pass out of them. Oh, the screeching of sad tyres tonight on some sad tarmac road underline my desolation with their dark blue echo.

2 responses to “it so Sad”

  1. sounds too sad!
    life is a traveling
    sometimes you travel alone
    sometimes you travel in company
    happiness is to enjoy traveling

    1. I know what you say is true – but tonight was cold and a family l had been teaching music to moved on and i felt the pangs of change – savagly time beats soothingly time cheats with years. Thanks so much for commenting …you’re the third person to leave a comment. Its really really nice to get a positive comment. from smeone, somewhere in the world. l feel less alone and the world feels smaller.

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