Golden bird 5th version

On plane waiting to take off back to Amsterdam from Gatwick. Christmas over. British Airways. Easyjet plane next to ours who we spurned and took on the cheaper! and better conditions of BA: don’t have to pay for baggage in the hold! the flight is cheaper than easyjet! AND you get a FREE! cup of tea and biscuit! Easyjet used to be good in that they didn’t have set seats … you could sit where you like, but now they’ve stopped even that  … so what is the point? of course, at Schipol you have to walk further to get to the BA terminal. But what the heck!


2 responses to “Golden bird 5th version”

  1. Thank you very much for sharing. What a great blog you have. Easy on the eyes and an excellent writing style. Nice job indeed!

    I ‘ll let everyone know about it for sure. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Thanks so much – wow! How touching – really – what an amazing thing this blogging/sharing is – unbelievable – sharing – communicating together – with the whole world – incredible – thanks again. Tony.

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