Greetings. This is my ME Blog.

Greetings. This is my ME Blog. For me only. It is pure, self -indulgent, sanity keeping self-expression. l put whatever comes up in me. It helps balance all the control type stuff I have to do in daily life – like shopping, planning, admin, meetings, organizing agh !! l begin to go crazy just thinking about it.

It is my place of freedom. Technology has given me this amazing platform, space, room, a 3D walking, talking sketch book – endless freedom within its limitless parameters.

It is usually written in those rare moments when I am alone  – at dawn before I get up, lying in bed, while others are asleep and dawn tickles the night sky and the first birds start chattering, or in the depth of the night, when all my worries rivet me and I have no perspective at all, only horror and hopelessness, or in cafes: neutral territory, my favourite places, sitting alone with a decaffeinated coffee and a grand perspective on my life – optomistic, inspired.

l don’t have to think about SEO-ing or marketing strategies or anything! l can just be myself – what a relief!

… and the miracle is – with with no middle men,  no publishers, it is automitacilIy shared with, published to! – THE WHOLE WORLD!


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