Spark of Life Song lyrics by Tony Chapman ©

words and music by  Tony Chapman  © April1999

Em                         Em+7                Cm      Bm 
when the road is broken and the path is bent
           F#m                    F#m+7
when words that are spoken don’t say what they meant

when a rabbit is caught by the innocent eagle’s claw

CHORUS  its the spark   of    life   that’s what we’ve gotta reach for (is still there, to reach for)
                   reach for the spark of life, that’s what its there for

when winter comes in and the leaves are dying
when blizzards sting and your soul is crying
when your father gives up,  and your mother lies (busted, broken) on the floor CHORUS

when for the state a million lives are extinguished
when humanity hates, consumed by a death wish
when a child runs screaming, napalm burning her raw CHORUS

when the truth is told, about our planet Gia
how it doesn’t hold humanity (any) higher
than anything else, if we threaten it, it’ll kick us out the door CHORUS

(inst:                                      )

when you hide beneath the covers, from the screaming crowd
and you find in book or lovers, the screaming ‘s (just) as loud
no sleep offered, no escape, head aches, eyes are sore CHORUS

you gaze at (the) empty sky
an ocean grey and lifeless
one seagulls cry, your childless and your wifeless
(you) look at your feet, empty bottles all along the shore CHORUS

from baby at breast to withered zombie
from birth to death, (its all/life) its all just a black comedy
if there is a God tell him to stuff his joke you’re not in it anymore   CHORUS

when you work for years, give your best to duty
repress the tears,  sacrifice the beauty
then realize nobody  kept the score  CHORUS

now you’re growing old, all the times you wasted
if only you’d been told, if only you had faced it
you can fight it but you can’t re-write the universal law  CHORUS

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