Rainbow Ruminations.



Rainbow Ruminations flowed into and out  of the head of The World Class, Multimillionaire, Basketball Player as he sat on the toilet.
   “I’ll be back” he chorteled’. . .

The hat.


an untitled blog designed to set up an antagonistic
response in any innocent wanderer who happens upon it, particularly during the dark-blue velvet darkness of a moonless night; a blog designed to fool people into thinking that it means something deep, when, everyone easily sees through it.

A blog “cleverly” designed to elicit no comments or feedback from viewers, none of whom will have read this far, but will have left by now, a bored yawn on their intrinsic mouths, (at most) for other less arid haunts, leaving me, talking emptily to myself in this Sunday morning bed.

So be it.

Hello, 351C



The Sad Cactus

Born again – as the rain falls, explaining itself, securely.

It asks:

“Who am I to defeat the objectivity curve – to rattle the cage of the dawn – unopened, ridiculed, soothed and strummed?”


Exquisite lovers, hopelessly recovered, entwined, straddle a railway line. They are filled with optimism.

A clothed optimist cycles his sad bike down a winding, exquisite country lane, calling to the birds of mystery:

“Hey , who are you to apply your criteria to plates of sad cactus?”

Call me … but only as the crow flies.

First, create an airport departure lounge, decorate it with a thousand yellow watering cans and sign it in the top left corner in gold lettering.

Next, with no climatic considerations, plant it at the center of a field of a thousand red sunflowers, sprinkle it with potash and from a respectable distance, watch it grow.