“Turquoise” Picture, Poem and Song

Picnic Poem 
by Tony Chapman. 

having a picnic 
high up, on a vertical wall

we sit horizontally, 
watching our hard-boiled eggs

"Whoops, there goes the jam, 
and the packets of chrisps" 

trying to drink orange juice,
but it pours out of the mug
in gravity's general direction.

having a picnic under the sea
the fish swim by and smile at me
then my salad floats away,
my raw food crackers too
and a friendly octopus
drinks my orange juice

having a picnic on the cold north pole
my orange juice is frozen solid
so I make a hole 

in the ice 

to fish through ... 

“LOVE HAS CAUGHT ME” by Tony Chapman VERSE 2 … (verse 3 in next blog)

2nd verse of “Love Has Caught Me”

I’m falling so fast, nothing will last,

I’m tipping right off the edge

I’m walking on air, then I despair

I’m slipping right off the ledge

Love has caught me

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