“Turquoise” Picture, Poem and Song

Picnic Poem 
by Tony Chapman. 

having a picnic 
high up, on a vertical wall

we sit horizontally, 
watching our hard-boiled eggs

"Whoops, there goes the jam, 
and the packets of chrisps" 

trying to drink orange juice,
but it pours out of the mug
in gravity's general direction.

having a picnic under the sea
the fish swim by and smile at me
then my salad floats away,
my raw food crackers too
and a friendly octopus
drinks my orange juice

having a picnic on the cold north pole
my orange juice is frozen solid
so I make a hole 

in the ice 

to fish through ... 

“LOVE HAS CAUGHT ME” by Tony Chapman VERSE 2 … (verse 3 in next blog)

2nd verse of “Love Has Caught Me”

I’m falling so fast, nothing will last,

I’m tipping right off the edge

I’m walking on air, then I despair

I’m slipping right off the ledge

Love has caught me

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“Amber” Poem, Picture and Song

Hi. Tony here.

3 Surreal creations by me . .. to ease you, gently, into the new year:

Happy New Year everyone.

Drawing by Tony Chapman.

Bedtime Poem by Tony Chapman.
I'm riding the hint of a wave
as the twisting clouds expand and contract 
and the birds whirl, grey and pink
amongst its billowing whiteness, above me
Mum's overcoat is under the ground  
Dad's overcoat is there too
life is too ludicrous for words
perhaps only writing is real
now to sleep, as the night falls 
and the last-post bugle blows
and the man in the moon closes his eyes.
Now I'm 
up a hill 
blue sky
watching grey and pink birds
flying below me
looking at their feathered backs
an unusual sight.

written by Tony Chapman
Verse 1 only (verse 2 in next blog):

I   tumble and spin, want to get in

but I’m stuck out here in no-man’s land

I knock on you’re door, I want you more

but you’re slipping right through my hand