Bornagain Codsmiths, outnumbered. by TC

Ecstatic roadrunners maintain theirequilibrium. as only the slightest of pauses is recorded for posterity in the outbox of time. “Take this ribbon from your hair” orders the Jackel, (the prime suspect in all cases of meandering folly). “l will not sustain the cucumber vollies. if you persist in that ridiculous demogrifying behaviour” Needless to say, he leaves without his hat.

lonely in. bed I Write this blog post to you strangers and it breaks the isolation.

and it breaks the isolation.


Its dark, night, my dear friend my bottom left tooth is taken out tomorrow, its been with me all my life. Now I have to thank it and let it go. l bow to you dear helpful, bottom left Molar. and then its my dear Uncle Roddy’s funeral the next day. He has also been with me all my life. I have to thank him also and.let him go. I write to you all out there in the blogosphere, in different countries, in different time zones some sleeping some working some going to bed some getting up. Oh, how sad I feel. Hello, all of you sparkling lights out there in the World, Hi! I love you all, and I’m so glad you’re all there. Thankyou Love,Tony.x