Left lower back tooth out news


I have to have my left, lower, back tooth out … dentist even gave me a copy of the x-ray … I’m so sad … its been with me so many years .. apparantly the bone is rotting …if it doesn’t come out it will creep along destroying all my teeth, and jaw! Whooah! Hold on …. etc … all because I didn’t go the dental hygenist for 3 years … blast, that’s my main news of the day.


My poems:

Butterfly. To Elaine Clarke.(written on co-op shop footwear paperbag-where I worked, (for a couple of months – before hitch-hiking around Britain), whenI was 18 years of age.
– she: worked opposite the co-op, in Lloyds bank).

Flapping in her cage,
Splinters her wings on the bars,
Butterfly, panics.

But to no avail

All is dark
She pants, breaths, dying

Because the world
Is not as I see it?
Or because the world
Is as dried fruit see it?

Mysterious, unknown things
Within yonder Lloyds bank prison.

I can see through its walls
I can see a butterfly,
With broken, white wings
To an adding machine.

If I were more than
What I am
I would smash those walls
That butterfly would
Heal in the sun’s light
And fly away.



Running headlong into oblivion – no suckers on me
Its another reason to do the websites

They’ll go on night and day…


All this naked, landlocked teaching, this hyperbol, mysterious swiss cheese catapult madness on the back of a clothes horse no honey for me today says the itcher , his twitching fingertips unavailable for comment no commas or criteria bewitched fatiigued lunar landings for me sir – no sireee !!! X.

Green is the light from the moon.  No retreat.